The Lions of Judah come from Jerusalem to Jupiter
Edna Hirsh

Born in Israel. Studies: Graduated "Betzalet" art academy, Jerusalem 1972. Graduate Degree, Royal Academy, Dusseldorf, Germany 1976. Single and group exhibitions in Israel & abroad since 1973.
Member of Sculptors & Painters, Jerusalem. Last exhibition in May/June 2001 at the Jerusalem Theater during the Israel Festival. Publications: professional literature, cateloges, art critic. Teaching sketching, working in sketching, photography, working with objects, multimedia. Lives in Jerusalem.
Nomi Brickman
 Getting the lions here was, to say the least, an experience!
We had to "flyover" our house (2) 2500 lb. crates to their final destination!
We had built the 2 lion pads with concrete blocks, stepping stones and many bags of dirt. They fit perfectly!
We will enjoy these creatures for many years to come!