Camp Wabak
The Golden Years
Caren's first-year tee shirt. Remember these?
Mimi and Caren go to Wabak as Gypsies. We lived in this tent.

Look how beautiful Mimi is between 4th and 5th grades. That's what? 9? 10?
Note Caren's girl scout pocket knife on her belt.

This was the 4th level "up" at Camp Wabak. It went by age;

1- Bunnies (first cabins down the road, counselor in adjoining room)

2- What was the 2nd? (cabins on down the road from the Bunnies - we were in Colombine? - towards the...)

3- Mountainettes (no sleep-in councilor, lots of girls in a big cabin with a great front porch)

4- Gypsies (Tents - 6 girls each tent - up the trail from the Mountianettes - not on the road but up the hill)

5- What was the last/oldest?
(cabins again, but better, smaller, and up the trail from the Gypsies, away from the younger campers' more "communal cabins". We also had out own bathroom/outhouse and shower/washroom - not with the young kids. (sometimes the Gypsies would use these luxuries) We were "seniors" in the camp.)

Mimi on her bed. Check out the oilcloth bedspread. This was on the "bring to camp" list because the tent was not totally rain-proof.

It was on a wood floor, so that stayed dry. But if you left your flap up and it rained while you were away, you'd have a wet bed, and the rain could drip in at the corners, so the oilcloth was a necessity.

The foot of my bed was at the foot of hers. So we both got bunks that had a side flap that we could control. (2 of the 6 bunks were in the middle of the tent and had no flap)

We always got there early to get the best bunks in our assigned cabin/tent. It was worth it it get the best location.
This was the year that Mimi said to me "Look! It's a little lobster!" as she picked up what she thought was a plastic toy dropped by someone's little brother. "Drop it!" I screamed. "It's a scorpion!" Mimi dropped it, screamed and we ran, and she didn't get stung, but for the rest of the stay as Gypsies we sure were on the lookout for scorpions!
Caren is a Mountainette. 3rd year
First year without a councelor in the cabin with the girls! (8? 9?) This is a big deal! And we had this great front porch that we could sit on while the younger girls had to sit on outside benches or picnic tables during "free" time.

Check out Dot sitting behind Caren in those white cat-eye sunglasses! And her black & white shell with black shorts. And that basket/pocketbook. Wasn't she sharp! I miss Mama!
Doug & Dot taking Caren to camp. I think this was the 2nd year. Mama had on yellow peddle-pushers with matching yellow shell and white straw bag. Daddy wore the same thing he wore to work just about...
Mimi and 3 other campers 3rd /4th year in front of the "wash up" shed - big long metal sink for hand washing - after using the outhouse and brushing teeth in the morning.
Pam, 6th from left, standing. Look how cute she is! That blond hair! That outfit!

I'm right behind Pam with the attractive "skinned-back brown ponytail" look.

Our first year at Camp Wabak between 1st and 2nd grades so that's 6 years old? 7?

This was "The Hop Inn" Bunnie cabin. Love the foot lockers out on the ground to the left. Your entire week was in your locker. And no laundry. This was the year I ate toothpaste.

Augusta Circle School
"Round Circle School" to me as a tot
Now "historic" and one of the "top" grammar schools in SC
Mimi in the playground out back. She's waring my outfit of cabana suit with button-all-the-way-up skirt that Mama made me. Brown/black/white tiki print with black seam-binding border. She must have spent the night with me and wore that to school the next day. Ckeck out the other girls. We had to wear skirts - no pants or shorts. Can you believe it? Remember when they built that bike shelter?

I took this picture with my Brownie Box Camera. It took 12 pictures and you had to physically roll the film like maybe 6 or 8 twists until it stopped at the next shot. No zoom - what you saw was what you got, but it took lots of really good pictures and started me loving to take pictures.
Friskie. Walk or bike, Friskie came to school with "his people", waited for recess to play with us, and then accompanied us home. Every day. Rain or shine. Sometimes when it was raining Mama would be out there waiting when we came out, and she'd put Friskie in the back "hatch" area in her blue and white Hillman, and none of us had to get wet on the way home. But sometimes if Frisky was really muddy she wouldn't let him in the Hillman and she'd drive real slow and he'd run along by the car all the way home. What a GOOD DOG!

And check out the water fountain. We sure drank a lot of water out of that thing.

My first boyfriend.

My first kiss.

So cute and sweet and fun...
Look at that smile!

Mimi, Pam and Caren
Renee Pricilles, Caren Crouch, Pam Shankle, Bobby Crouch
Mimi Collier, Laura Spencer, Margaret Sutton
Dress-up Party for one of Caren's birthdays. I'd guess 10? What do you - Pam and Mimi - think? How old were we here?
Pam's diary!

I haven't had a chance to look through my pictures yet but I found my diary. I'll be sending you a few pages. They are soooo funny.

We were such good buddies, even if you did steal Artie away from me, you vicious boyfriend stealer!  I've seen him from time to time at Coogler weddings, etc., and he's been head of the dental facility at Fort Jackson for a while but I think he's retired.  Nice wife and kids.  Maybe second wife, come to think of it.  Whereas we three girls look just like we did when we were 13, Artie looks like an old man.


Pam found this and sent it 2/2008
Hello friends,
I am not in the picture because I got a new camera and was taking the pictures. You are cute!
Love, Pam

My Sweet Cousin Margaret
Look at that face! Isn't she cute! Look at that old car. Is it a Plymouth?

old timers from Pam
This was on a trip to Daytona Beach, and it was the first and only time that I flew in Alex's plane.  He had a Bonanza, 4 person plane, and he had flown Cat and Katie and Syd down, then flew back and got me and Mama and Daddy.  It was in the winter at home, but sunny of course in Fla.    I got a TERRIBLE sunburn because I was so white in the wintertime.  Worst sunburn I've EVER gotten (maybe that's part of the sun damage I have today!)  Everybody looks SO YOUNG! And check out Doug's and Alex's dark socks.
Alex, Syd, Katie, Doug and Caren looking at Syd's portrait for the Fort Hill Presbyterian Church.