Some of my VERY FAVORITE people.
I got these email or off-the-internet pics and want to keep them for a while, so here, with the newest to the top,
are some super people I love or "have met and like".

Bobby and Rabbi take to the sky
Three lakes on/near our house
(one at the bottom is stones lake, the one we are on)

Part of Vedica's Birthday Experience 2009
We walked to the tip of Punta del Este yesterday, it's the edge of Uruguay. Took this with phone camera there's a lighthouse way in the back.

Michael and MiniElvis do Vegas
Halloween 2008

Freinds at the Falls in Pisgah National Forest - 10/08

Relaxing at the Green/Shapiro Stone's Lake retreat,
watching the rest of the group play in the water. -7/08

Joan and Bob Juengert - working on the railroad and looking good! - 5/08

The Binders
Binder patriarch and matriarch
at age 14 or so

Louise, the Famous Chef

Thanksgiving 2007

Jane and Neal in Hawaii
Cutest baby in the universe according to Jane

Dogman & the Bird & Anica & Joan

No elephant involved here,
but next year in India there will be!

best holiday cards for 2005

Return to Camp Wabak
Chris, Lisa, Pam, Kayla & Davis; at Camp Wabak newly rebuilt cabins
Pam, 6th from left, standing; at Camp Wabak our first year, between 1st and 2nd grades. This was "The Hop Inn" Bunnie cabin. Love the foot lockers out on the ground to the left. I'm right behind Pam with the attractive skinned-back ponytail.
Doug & Dot taking Caren to camp - in front of her cabin.

Mama and I took Kayla and Kenzie and Davis and Lisa to Greenville this past weekend. We had so much fun showing them all around Greenville.

Sunday we went to Table Rock and went hiking to a beautiful waterfall and then to Camp Wabak!!! Can you believe it? They had rebuilt all of the cabins and there was no out-house!

May 23, 2005
Mimi and 3 other campers a couple of years later in front of the "wash up" shed - big long metal sink for hand washing - after using the outhouse.
more Wabak
and other stuff

Pam and Noah

Noah was born at 7:10 pm.
He is healthy and beautiful!
He weighed 7 lbs. 14 oz. & is 19 1/2 inches long. Laurie and baby are doing well


Tea Time with Louise and Linda
What a fine afternoon with Louise and Linda at the Ferry Building in San Francisco
Louise Sissy Hixon
Adventurer, World Traveler, Healer, Teacher, Excellent Friend
A picture of me and Ditto and Midnight

xoxo  Lhh

Aaron Peskin
Second-most-powerful Man in San Francisco, smart, savvy, charismatic, best home location.
Seven San Francisco supervisors took the oath of office Saturday, and the board elected a new president -- Aaron Peskin, who pledged that his two-year tenure would be guided by ethics and good government practices. - San Francisco Chronical, 1.9.2005

2 years later:
"Aaron understands all the nuances of what the relationship should between the legislative and executive branches of government," the supervisor said, applauding the "healthy tension" between the board and the mayor.
Asked if Peskin has his vote in January, Mirkarimi said, "I believe Aaron is a very savvy operator and has an artistic knack for knowing how to herd cats." - November 27, 2006 (SF Chronicle)